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Smart Office

All Dental Implant Institute offices are equipped with the latest in digital equipment so we can accurately and quickly treat a wide range of dental cases.

Same Procedures; Less Time

Due to our revolutionary patented procedures, we're able to perform the same procedures in less time; dental implants take only 15 minutes.


With offices in California, Nevada, China, Tokyo, and many other locations, you're never far from expert dental care.

360° Care

Each DII office has a full service team capable of taking care of any of your dental needs.

Welcome to the Dental Implant Institute

The Dental Implant Institute provides the world's most complete dental care. Our team of specialists and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and are ready to help. We offer a variety of services from regular cleanings to the most advanced implant procedures. Our team believes that you should have a positive experience when receiving dental care. That's why we have created cutting edge techniques that are less invasive, less painful and promote quicker healing.

Patient Education

Informational Videos About Dental Implants, Periodontics & General Dentistry

How can dental implants help me?     Do I need to see a Periodontist?   General dentistry at the Dental Implant Institute  [Translate]

Out of Town Patients

For over 15 years, we have been honored to treat patients from other locations across the United States and from different parts of the world. Out of



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What Makes Us Different

  • Complete Dental Care

    Dr. Leon Chen, Dr. Jennifer Cha and Dr. Sassan Dadseresht have over 40 years of general dentistry and dental implant experience. The Dental Implant Institute is equipped with a State-of-the-Art PreXion 3D X-ray CT system, ImplantNavigation and RoboticGuide to insure highest possible success rate. Dr. Chen has patented several dental techniques and instruments which have helped to shape the future of dental implantology. We have eliminated referrals, numerous billings, and potential miscommunications about your treatment. There is no outsourcing to other doctors. You will not have to go to one Dr. to get a sinus lift and then another for the implant and then a third for the crown. The doctors perform all of the necessary procedures in one location. With Dr. Chen's patented 5 in 1 technique you require fewer surgeries which mean fewer traumas to the body and a greater chance of success. read more
  • Unmatched Experience

    If you are planning to have any dental work performed, please visit the doctors who have the most experience, a proven track record, who hold the most patents for dental implant techniques, and has completed more successful implants than anyone else in the world. The doctors at DII have performed more than 30,000 successful dental implants and teach other doctors how to become dental implant experts in the pursuit of making dental implantology more simple and predictable for patients. To date, we have taught our technique and certified over 5,000 implantologists and continue to do so every year.
  • Patented Procedures

    Dr. Leon Chen's multiple patented surgical techniques allow for faster healing and less overall visits. Most cases can be completed in one office visit, no matter their complication level.

    Dr. Chen's 5-in-1 technique combines extraction, bone grafting, sinus lifting, implant placement, and placement of a crown into one painless procedure allowing you to be back at work the next day. read more


  • Joanne wrote a very nice note following her implant treatment a few days ago.  Other doctors told her that her case was hopeless and that dentures were her best option.  Dr Cha was able to provide her with implants and it has literally changed Joanne's life.      

    Joanne K., Patient
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    ZocDoc Testimonials
  • Click here to view  more testimonials from local patients using a 3rd party  kiosk system.  The reviews are in both English and Chinese.    
    3rd Party Kiosk Testimonials
  • I went to the Dental Implant Institute with a friend who got in a car accident and lost most of her front teeth. Their staff was very friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects. The Doctors were awesome. They were very careful during surgery and always asked if my friend was ok. After the surgery we got walked to our cars and even recieved a courtesy call the next day following surgery. My friend left with teeth in her mouth like the accident never happened. I would recommend them to anyone, they are the best.
    Y.C., patient
  • You two promised teeth in one day, and you guys delivered your promises. Despite being the most extensive procedure I have ever had, it was by far the shortest and least painful suregery I have ever had! Most of all, I do not have the swelling and pain after the surgery like I did past three times!

    I truly thank God that I met you two, and what you have given me cannot be gratified in words.

    Thank you so much, and I truly hope only the best for you two.

    Won Yoo, Patient
  • Was this too good to be true? No waiting four to six months between procedures, which could mean Fifteen or more months before completion?

    Thank you Dr.Chen, Dr.Cha and Staff.

    Now I feel I am in the best hands possible to complete the work I need.
    Janet, Patient