Making The Impossible Possible In Just One Visit

Edda’s Patient Experience

Edda, who was born in Germany, has been a long time patient of ours. We placed a single implant several years back when she was a Las Vegas Resident.   She moved out of state, and her current dentist told her that she had numerous “hopeless teeth” and would need a denture.   

Edda gave us a call and explained that she had no interest in dentures and would like implants instead.  Within a month she was on her way out to Las Vegas to have 12 implants placed and 24 crowns. The entire process took 4 months total and two visits to our office.

During the first visit Edda had the implants placed by Dr. Jennifer Cha,  and on the most recent visit Dr. Cha placed the crowns.

I just dropped her off at the airport this morning and she couldn’t be happier!  Below is the thank you letter she handed to Nathan and a couple of photos of the work performed. 


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